TRADICIÓN – Palo Cortado 1998 (Limited Edition)

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Wine description

Aroma Delicate, elegant and complex. Of walnut, hazelnut, herbs and tobacco.
Color Amber, old gold.
Palate It is light, velvety and harmonious and has a slightly peppery note. Further notes of bitter almond, vanilla and wood. Long lasting finish.
Overall grade The Palo Cortado 1998 is an exclusive and unique sherry. It appears delicate and elegant on the nose, strong and structured on the palate. Only 330 bottles of this sherry were bottled.
Match with Goes well with ham, smoked fish, sausage specialties, foie gras and roasted almonds.
Alcohol 19.5% vol.



Region DO Jerez-Xerez-Sherry
Vintage 1998
Grape varieties Palomino Fino
Floor White Albariza limestone soils
Height approx. 300 m above sea level
Climate The climate is characterized by hot summers, which are tempered by a breeze from the Atlantic, and rainy, mild winters.
Harvest Manually



Maturation Solera process, average age approx. > 20 years



Robert Parker 96/100



Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker's wine critic, writes:

"There is a new 1998 Palo Cortado from Tradición, a wine that, although it feels young, is already over 20 years old, as the Solera wines do not age as quickly as the static ones (non-Solera or non- dynamic) wines that age faster than the Soleras and feel older. 1998 is also the year in which Tradición was born and that is why they decided to bottle this "young" wine. It has an intense orange color, with notes of lacquer and peach, noble woods and white spices, even a touch of iodine, complex and elegant, intense and sharp, with great complexity and nuance, multi-layered, with a lush palate and aromas that linger in the mouth long after swallowing. This is an intense and striking Palo Cortado that combines some young and old characteristics that make it very drinkable without compromising its complexity. 330 bottles were bottled in December 2018 and labeled as 1/18.

I tasted four different bottlings of their fino, which felt very different, which I wasn't expecting. Every November and May, 3,000 bottles are filled with a fino from a very old solera, whose wine is on average ten to 12 years old. I also tried some new bottlings, including a Palo Cortado from 1998!"

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TRADICIÓN – Palo Cortado 1998...

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